About the project

Know Your Place is a digital heritage mapping resource to help you to explore your neighbourhood online through historic maps, collections and linked information. Watch our short film to find out more.

Know Your Place provides unprecedented online access to a range of historic data, but more importantly provides a place where users can add information about your local area, building a rich and diverse community map of local heritage for everyone. Its free to use and anyone can add to the map.

Know Your Place – West of England was a project which ran from June 2015 to July 2017 to expand coverage from Bristol to the six surrounding counties of Bath & North East Somerset, Gloucestershire, North Somerset,  Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Read more about how the project was supported.  It continues to be managed by committed partners in each county.

As part of a later extension to the project the county of Devon has now been added. This expands the coverage for the West of England by another 2,590 square miles.

Know Your Place now spans eight counties and 7279 square miles, with other counties around the UK interested in putting their areas on the map in future.

Our Aims & Achievements

Know Your Place West of England achieved the following Approved Purposes:

  • To scan, digitise and geo-reference historical maps from Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset and Devon. Read about our work on historic maps
  • To expand the existing ‘Know Your Place’ Bristol website to include historical maps from the West of England area. Read more about heritage data now available 
  • To recruit and train volunteers. The project recruited c.100 individuals and 70 went on to volunteer for the project, giving 4946 hours’ work to the project.
  • To deliver basic conservation of fragile maps. Maps were stabilised for safe digitisation and their access online is reducing physical handling and wear and tear of the original documents.
  • To create a mobile app. Know Your Place has been designed to be compatible for use by smartphones, tablets and other devices while on the move.
  • To create an exhibition to be toured to six venues. Our exhibition toured 12 venues, remains available online and continues to tour with partners across four counties. Visit our exhibition
  • To deliver a range of heritage learning activities including talks and presentations, a blog, heritage walks, school resource packs and oral histories. Our events programme ran 98 events reaching 2689 people and has now ended. You can download our Learning Pack here.
  • To upload condition surveys of heritage assets to the website. By July 2017, 1197 public contributions had been added to the Community Layer, at an average rate of 180 per month. Join our growing community and add your information too.

Our work

Project Materials



Know Your Place West of England (South Gloucestershire, begun 2015)

Website of Know Your Place West of England's lead partner, South Gloucestershire Council.

Know Your Place (Bristol, begun 2011)

Where it all started, in Bristol's planning department in 2011...

Know Your Bristol (University of Bristol, begun 2012)

A successful spin-off project led by the University of Bristol from 2012.

Mapping LGBT + Bristol (Outstories Bristol, begun 2015)

The latest in a series of Know Your Place spin-offs, mapping LGBT history in Bristol.

Know Your Place Bristol brochure

Information about the Know Your Place project in Bristol. How it came about, what the project has achieved since 2011 and future plans.