A wealth of heritage data

Know Your Place features a rich and growing collection of heritage data from a variety of sources, including:

Historic Environment Record (HER) data selected by HER officers from local authorities and trusts in South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, Gloucester City, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and Somerset and Devon, relating to their region.

Heritage Collections across the region’s libraries, archives and museums are being reviewed, and selected highlights with a geographical association are being shared on Know Your Place.

Apportionment Data relating to historic Tithe Maps has been transcribed across the region in a number of independent projects by local history groups. As a project legacy, our partners are working out the best mechanism for uploading and showing this data consistently across the region.

Dedicated Community Layer 

Know Your Place has a dedicated Community Layer of information where we encourage anyone and everyone from your local community to take part in Know Your Place and contribute information about your local heritage.

It is simple and easy to add your contributions to Know Your Place, visit our Explore the map pages to find out more.

All contributions to Know Your Place are moderated by professionals in our partner organisations (HER officers and archivists), before being published online.

Website Construction

Know Your Place is a digital heritage mapping resource created and hosted by Bristol City Council. Our project team of archivists, Archaeology & Historic Environment Record (HER) officers and Geographic Information System (GIS) officers across partner councils have led the technical research and development work to extend the Know Your Place website across the region. Work included:

Developing and building the technical solutions supporting the expanded Know Your Place map.

Preparing historical and modern-day maps, archive media and other heritage data for publication”, including Georeferencing or ‘rubber mapping’ digitised historic maps.

Caching digitised map layers and other heritage data for the region.

Testing the expanded Know Your Place mapping application to make sure that all the map is working as it should, before releasing to a public website.

Promoting the project, and coordinating the work of partners and volunteers across the region.

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