Revealing history on your street

Over the past few months we’ve been travelling the length and breadth of the West of England to work with curators, archivists and librarians, in search of heritage that could be shared on Know Your Place.

This heritage includes early photographs, compelling oral histories, beautiful illustrations and fascinating objects that help tell the story of our place.

Community Layer on KYP Bristol

A rich cluster of green diamonds mark community heritage shared on KYP Bristol.


We hope that for the rest of this project – and beyond – the Information Layers on Know Your Place will grow as more collections are added, building a vibrant map of the heritage on our streets.

What will this look like? This short film created by Tot Foster and made as part of the Rosa Parks Lane Community Learning Project in 2016, gives us a clue.

Join Peter Insole of the Urban Design Team in Bristol City Council, on a personal tour of his neighbourhood using Know Your Place Bristol. Make yourself a brew, sit back, and enjoy the 7 minute ride:

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