Project Update #5 02.NOV.2015

Project Schedule

Updates from colleagues and partners are now in, and there are a couple of revisions to the project schedule over the next coming months…

Map Digitisation

We’re a few weeks behind our original schedule, but the digitisation of historic maps is progressing apace:

ICAM are packing up and relocating this week from Gloucester Archives, to their final venue at Somerset History Centre in Taunton. The British Library have been getting stuck into digitising maps too, prioritising the 1st edition OS maps which volunteers will be working from as a base for georeferencing tithe and enclosure maps.

Overall, we are still working within our overall target to get all maps digitised (c.7,200 maps in total) by March 2016, and all map preparation (cropping, georeferencing and testing) to be completed by May 2016 so the entire West of England region will be mapped on the website in the Summer.

Volunteer Recruitment & training

A slight change to our original programme, we will now be recruiting and training volunteers to georeference maps starting in the New Year, to coincide with delivery of maps and set up of online resources – including a volunteer forum and web-based georeferencing tools.

In the meantime, we are keen to recruit volunteers for another computer-based role working with the historic maps – Image Cropping.

If you love poring over the detail of maps, are handy with a mouse, and have a few hours a week to spare, then please contact us to find out more about what the role entails.

Your Contacts Please

We are looking to develop links with local museums, schools and community groups where we might develop projects together in 2016. As always, we’re reliant on your local knowledge and relationships to suggest potential organisations, individuals and projects that might be interested in taking part.

So please have a think, raid your address book, and put us in touch.

Take the Know Your Place Survey!

We have now developed an online questionnaire to find out more about how people are using the Know Your Place website.

We’re hoping to hear from a range of different people, from experienced KYP-ers to first-time users, so please support us in the following ways:

  • Take the survey yourself – it takes just a few minutes to fill in online and will make a big difference to our understanding of our audience;
  • Please ask all your colleagues and contacts who use Know Your Place to take the survey too.
  • Continue to spread the word about Know Your Place, and encourage as many new people as possible to try the website for themselves.

Its quick and easy to take part.

Simply go to the Know Your Place map and follow the invitation which pops up, to take the survey:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes,

Felicia Davies, Project Officer, Know Your Place – West of England.