Copyright Guidance

Adding your information to Know Your Place 

Copyright Q in KYP

When adding a record to Know Your Place, you will be asked to confirm copyright.


Know Your Place is a public platform, which means that all information added onto Know Your Place is published in the public domain.

Anyone can add information, images and other materials onto Know Your Place. To ensure you do not infringe copyright, you  must first make sure you have permission from the copyright holder of this material. The responsibility for checking permission rests with the individual or organisation contributing the information.

Responsibilities of Contributors

Know Your Place asks all contributors to:

  • confirm permission that they are the copyright holder, or have permission from the copyright holder for all the information, images or other attachments that they are sharing.
  • provide a contact email address (this will not be published), in the event that there is a query over copyright.

Responsibilities of Know Your Place

All public contributions to Know Your Place are moderated before they are approved for publication.

If there is any doubt about copyright ownership, the contribution will not be added to the public website.

Know Your Place also operates a take-down policy and will remove any records that are found to be in breach of copyright, on notification by the copyright holder.


Who owns the copyright of maps and other information added to Know Your Place?

Screenshot Copyright licences

Screenshot from Know Your Place of map licences.


All Basemaps (Tithe, Enclosure, OS etc.) have been supplied under licence from the relevant regional archive, The British Library, The National Library of Scotland and Ordinance Survey. Further licensing information appears in the bottom left corner of Know Your Place.

The copyright of  work produced by the project, i.e. the cropped and georeferenced maps, will remain with the relevant participating regional archives as a legacy of the project. To reproduce any tithe, enclosure or other local maps, please contact your local Record Office or Archive for advice and permission.

All HER data (Historic Environment Record) published on Know Your Place has been selected and published by HER officers across the region in keeping with their local authority’s approach on providing public access to this data. Please note that HER data published on Know Your Place is not suitable as an alternative to commissioning a full HER trawl for planning applications. Please contact your council’s HER Officer for further information.


Copyright Resources

A useful independent online resource which explains UK copyright law in more detail is:

Copyright Bites 


Further information and guidance on copyright and digital assets are provided by the following regional and national bodies:

South West Federation of Museums & Art Galleries  

South West Museums Development Partnership 

The Collections Trust 

The National Archives

UK Government Copyright Law 


You can also seek advice from your regional Archives or Records Office.